Monday, June 13, 2005

Akasha's Web

I really recommend Akasha's Web at

It's thoughtful, intelligent and visceral.

I've been a reader of the site off and on for about 10 years. For a while, Akasha and I corresponded but it has been years since we exchanged emails. Since then, she's earned a large following and I am no longer one of her regulars, for lack of a better term.

Not everything on her site touches me, but a lot of it does. Again, the parsing thing. The drilling down on what my own buttons are and just as importantly, what they aren't.

Her forced fem stories are excellent. She and I are less connected on some of the more specific sexual acts.

But that's part of the relationship between top and bottom, right? If she and I were to meet -- or me and any mistress - if I'm gettting exactly what I want and avoiding exactly what I don't want, who is in control?

I'm not sure.

If my erection is hard and firm, if wearing her panties makes me stiff, does that make it right? How does she know she's in charge, if I'm dictating ... no pun intended ... the scene?

We'll see ...


Blogger Morty said...

How much do you think she will charge for five minutes?

5:44 AM  

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